31 December 2012

Checklist Oct-Dec 2012

Inspired by this post and my lovely colleagues at Anthropgrad, I have decided to publicize the mini milestones I've set out for the academic me. Time to exercise group policing, everyone!

√ Complete Context Chapter - 10k words
√ Context Chapter TWG
√ Complete GMC Seminar presentation
√ Present GMC Seminar paper
√ Complete AAS Conference presentation
√ Present AAS Conference paper
√ Complete Limina article - 8k words

Submit AAS Conference Travel Report
√ Complete A&S Seminar presentation
√ Present A&S Seminar paper

√ Submit Fieldwork applications
√ Submit Confirmation of Candidature
√ Complete TAJA article - 8k words
√ Journal article TWG
√ Launch Trove Volume 3 Issue 2
√ Interview with Gilbert Herdt for Limina

December onwards
1) Complete GMJ article - 7k words
2) Complete Lit Review Chapter - 10k words
3) Book review for Limina - 700 words
4) Book review for Anthropology Forum - 800 words
5) Launch Limina Special Edition on 'Collaboration'
6) Revise Context Chapter
7) Revise Methods Chapter

1) Revise GMC Seminar paper for submission

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