24 September 2012

Good afternoon, Brisbane!

It's great to be back, this time with new company (the holidaying worm) and a proper mission in tow. My first six hours has been spent on bananas, exorbitant cab rides, brunch at Gossips, and the world's most satisfying nap. Am now literally in the midst of finalizing my slides and fine-tuning my arguments before the Australian Anthropological Society Conference 2012 kicks off at the University of Queensland tomorrow evening. I'll be presenting at Jonathan Marshall's 'The social lives of and on computers, technology, and the Internet' which will run on the 26th and the 27th. Flyers from the very lovely Ohvola and Klarra will be coming your way too!

Can't wait to meet my fellow digital anthropologists from the region! Back to work! See you soon!

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