15 May 2013

Hello Perth, I've missed you.

Back in Perth for a quick breather with several missions in tow. It's been a hectic yet restful two days thus far, if that makes sense. Lots to accomplish before I head back to Singapore on Friday, but my heart is so extremely happy just being in a city I now call home.

May the magical weather and my favourite faces and awesome sauce hot chocolate and God's grace allow me to

- Complete a thesis chapter
- Complete two Trove Centenary Edition articles
- Copyedit three Limina Special Edition articles
- Complete a book review

The rest of the week sees me contributing to a research project on higher education, interviewing several characters around campus, snapping publication pictures after dark, and *gasp* meeting with Macca the pig! Excited beyond words. Mostly over Macca. He's just fuzzy and chubbs and perfect.

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