07 April 2014

COMM1901 notes - Reporting

Press release assessment
Brief on page 21 of unit outline
250 words
Due 8th April Tuesday 4pm, LMS
No formal footnotes, artistic/poetic liberties, judging for elements of press release

Unit outline: clarify use, LMS announcements, end of the class announcements
Teaching: pace, materials

Exercise 14
Maps, tables/graphs, statistics, visual representation, extended references
Other sources vs own thought, voicing
Direct speech vs indirect speech

30-second impromptu speech
Any given topic

Eunson reading (Analytical report)
Sample analytical report for exercise 15 and formal report assessment

Exercise 15
Formal report discussion, pairs
Page 24, 47, 48 of unit outline
1,800 words
5 May full draft one for peer assessment in class
12 May oral presentation assessment in class
3 June final report for grading, LMS, 4pm

Next week 
Prosh make up workshop
Topic 6 on oral presentations (pp25)
Grellier reading, read unit outline notes (pp25-26), watch Obama’s speech (pp27)
Inverted classroom, grade Crystal! 

Workshop 5 notes for COMM1901 Communication in Practice
2014 semester 1
Crystal Abidin

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