25 May 2014

2014 AAS/ANSA Photography Competition: Announcement

The Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (ANSA) is pleased to announce that we have received continued support and funding from The Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) to run a photography competition in 2014. We will be accepting photographic depictions of anthropology, as experienced and practised by current and recent students. Photographs should be submitted by 5pm (AEST) Friday 15 August 2014. This year, one prize of $300 will be awarded.

In 2014, the competition theme will be Cosmopolitan Anthropologies, in keeping with the theme of the 2014 AAS Conference, held jointly with The Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ASAANZ). Cosmopolitanism in one modern anthropological sense is about appreciating, assembling, and living together with difference. Anthropologist Joel Kahn (2003: 410-411) argues that, in contrast with classical anthropological practice, in which the ethnographer intended to produce objective scientific knowledge about cultural difference, the aim of modern anthropology is to construct knowledge about the other in dialogue with and/or in coalition with the other. He says that the practice of modern anthropology is embedded in “that same world of cosmopolitan relations and practices that it seeks to objectify” (ibid: 407). Therefore, the anthropology of today needs to be conducted with this in mind, firstly, in order to overcome the power imbalance between ethnographer and subject and, secondly, for it to be a genuine practice of cosmopolitanism (ibid: 407). Doing anthropology today, Kahn says, is not about uncovering “the truth” about the other, but is instead about cosmopolitanism (ibid:  411).

With this in mind, images depicting cosmopolitan anthropologies might show anthropologists relating or collaborating with their interlocutors, ritualistic engagements with “the other”, or perhaps cultural practices of sharing or of cultural inclusion or difference.

Applicants are eligible to enter as many photographs as they wish. Applicants must be paid members of The Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) OR The Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ASAANZ) (or havesubmitted an application for membership to one of these organisations on or prior to the final submission date of 5pm (AEST) Friday 15 August 2014).

For full details on the competition’s conditions and eligibility criteria, go to our website: http://www.ansa-aas.net/photography-competition.html

Winners will be announced on Monday 29 September 2014. Awards will be presented during ANSA’s Annual General Meeting, at the 2014 joint ASAANZ/AAS conference at the Millennium and Copthorne Hotels in Queenstown, New Zealand. Awards may be given in absentia if winners are unable to attend the conference.

Any questions about the competition should be directed to the ANSA Executive, at ansa.exec@gmail.com


Kahn, Joel S. (2003).  Anthropology as cosmopolitan practice?  Anthropological Theory 3(4): 403-415.

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