About me


Hello stranger. In theory, this is my academic/research blog (I have eleven other blogs, no seriously). In practise, not every thing here is smart/productive/useful in life but I have a lot of thoughts and I like to remember things. I am a Malay-Chinese Christian woman who grew up in Singapore and now lives in Perth. I call no where home because I believe that if home is no where then home is every where. And also, I live on the Internet. I am pursuing a PhD in Anthropology & Sociology, and Communications & New Media at the University of Western Australia. I am excessively passionate about every thing to do with gender and the Internet, percussive and orchestral music, and penguins. My academic interests include Gender & Sexuality (identity, performativity), Social media (youth, entrepreneurship, technobiographies), and Race, Ethnicity & Religion (inter-cultural upbringings, multi-cultural family units, hybridity).


I have been studying the commercial blog industry in Singapore since August 2010 and have concluded fieldwork in Singapore and smaller nodes in SEAsia towards my dissertation. I pledge to devote my remaining few months towards writing the most kick ass thesis ever. I am conducting a processual analysis of how success is constituted in this industry through narratives of self-creation, and discuss this in terms of persona, public femininities, taste/class, technologies of intimacy, and social currency. A watered down 3MT summary exists here.

Busy things

I may also occasionally rant about my work as a 24/7 library officer (think being wide awake at 0400hrs in the morning to keep the library running), a tutor in Anthropology & Sociology, and Communications & New Media. I recently concluded my roles as Project Officer for Trove and Level Rep for a UWA Anthropology & Sociology Postgrads. I am the current Web Officer & Western Australia Representative for the Australian Network of Student Anthropologists (ANSA).


Anthropology and Sociology M255
School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley, WA 6009

Drop a note. Or five. Or better still, send me .gifs of penguins.

See you on Twitterthetravelingpingu, or SMTNW.